Dental Hygienist

Difference Between Dentist And Dental Hygienist

Consulting an expert regarding your dental care can often involve various different personnel who are directly in charge of the health of your main orifice. Provided that the dentists are the main man of the show, then what does the others in white do in helping the dentist?

Apart from nurses, another medical officer would be calling the shots in making sure your teeth stay clean and fresh, and that person would be the dental hygienist.

If dentists are responsible in treating your teeth, then dental hygienists are responsible in ensuring your teeth stay clean and healthy. The work scope of a dental hygienist would often not involve direct and hands-on works, but instead their services are offered as a consultation for your oral care.

Note that while dentists work to prevent your teeth from falling out or your breath stinking up someone else’s nose, a hygienist in the dental department would be in charge of the dental care in the long run.

The easiest way to look at this is to imagine the everyday scenery of a dental clinic. The nurses would be helping out at the operation area, while the others ‘join in’ the fun. What is worse is the fact that the operation could go wrong at any moment, and in no way can the hygienist be blamed.

After your trip to the dentist is coming to an end, then only would you be deemed of by the hygienist as worthy of being consulted. Depending on your subsequent visit to dentist Coral Gables, a dental hygienist would be keeping you updated about your condition. He or she would then inform you of the necessary steps to care for your oral hygiene.

People everywhere have different affinity with their oral healthcare, and so not everyone would be keen to listen to their hygienist. Having almost as much knowledge about man’s largest orifice as would a dentist, a dental hygienist is someone who provides the after-sale service to their paying customers.

Other than giving advice on the important subject, they would also keep you updated with important information like what kind of floss works best for your teeth type, and how different toothbrushes can have different results to your skin someday.

So if you are looking forward to have your oral activities advised on, it would be imperative to consult with a dental hygienist instead of a real dentist. Just make sure to actually listen to their orders.

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