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Cleaning Amber Teething Necklace At Home

For some mothers it is said that Baltic amber necklaces do the miracles. They are basically beaded necklaces used to be put on babies who are going through their teething age (Growing new teeth). As babies go through a lot of pain and irritation during this, these necklaces are meant to help them relieve the pain by providing an analgesic effect in a natural way.

Do they work or not? is another debate. But for mothers for whom they have worked it is a dire need to keep them clean and new as they must want to use it again in the case of new baby coming along and going through the teething phase.

Amber beads are a part of jewelry and taking care of it comes under the heading of geological sciences. But for cleaning these you don’t have to be a scientist, you just have to be smart. It’s just a bit tricky. One fact is that you can never sock your amber teething necklaces in soap water, doing this somehow causes it to loose it’s analgesic properties and renders it useless.

But this does not stop it from getting greasy and grimy over the time. The string in particular gets gross. Over the time it accumulates oil from skin, fuzzies, bit of hair may be, you can imagine rest.

The stuff you’ll need includes, Water, mild soap, and an old toothbrush. Start by warming the water in a bowl and putting a small amount of soap in it. Wait till the soap melts to some extent. Dunk you necklace and take it out gently.

Amber Teething necklace

Start brushing it by gently downward and back and forth. It’s ok to get the thread wet while cleaning the dirt away. Just be gentle so as not to scrub hard enough that you start wearing the thread away.

Hairs!! Are a must to be found wrapped around the thread in between the beads. To get them the best thing would be a pair of tweezers. Start tweezing and carefully pull and untwist the thread at the same time. A time consuming process for sure, but satisfactory at the same time.

You can finish by drying it off. If you find it still to be a little dull looking you can try rubbing a bit of olive oil on it. Other oils can also be used but olive oil works best and is also safe for health.

Some other ideas include “charging the amber’. This is basically putting your amber teething necklace in sun which recharges the analgesic effect and makes it as good as new. Salt water is thought to do the same thing.